Zelensky: Soon Ukraine will have two Victory Days, and who will have none

On May 9, President Volodymyr Zelensky congratulated Ukrainians on Victory Day over Nazism.

Source: Zelensky’s video message

Zelensky’s direct speech: This is not a war of two armies. This is a war of two worldviews. Barbarians who bombard the Skovoroda museum and believe that our philosophy can be destroyed with their missiles…

We are fighting for freedom for our children, which means we will win. We will never forget what our ancestors did in World War II, which killed more than eight million Ukrainians.

And very soon there will be two Victory Days in Ukraine. And some people won’t have one.

We won then. We will win now. And Khreshchatyk will see the victory parade – the victory of Ukraine!”

Details: Zelensky stressed that no one can annex the victory in World War II from Ukraine, which, as part of the anti-Hitler coalition, fought against Nazism.

Zelensky’s direct speech: “What is our advantage over the enemy? We are one book smarter. This is a textbook on the history of Ukraine.

We would not know grief if all our enemies could read and draw the right conclusions. On February 24, Russia launched an offensive. Attack on the same rake. They are stepped on by every invader who comes to our land.

We have lived through various wars. But they all had the same ending. Our land was sown with bullets and shells, but not a single enemy could take root. There are no fetters that can bind our free spirit.”

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