The real solutions to lose fat

The real solutions to lose fat
The real solutions to lose fat

The calorie system: a huge scam!

Our view of weight gain / loss is governed by the food calorie system. The calorie is a unit of measurement of energy, the amount of calories contained in a food corresponds to a certain amount of energy released by the latter during its digestion.
The caloric requirement for a man doing moderate sports activity is around 2500-2700 Kcal and it is 2000 Kcal for a woman.

Most fad diets are based on measuring the number of calories in food.

Basically: “I gain weight if I exceed a certain caloric threshold and therefore I have to deprive myself of calories to lose weight”.

Why do we store fat?

Body fat has 2 vital functions:

1-Energy storage

The primary function of fatty tissue is to store excess food intake in energy reserves.

For example, this is the strategy adopted by animals that hibernate.
Before the onset of winter, the animal will overeat to create fat reserves that will allow it to provide the caloric (energy) intake necessary to last through the winter.

It should be understood that the body will store caloric intake and in particular sugar (glucose) by transforming it into fatty acid thanks to a hormone called “insulin” which is partly responsible for fat gain.

The role of insulin in fat storage:

When we ingest and digest foods high in sugars (pasta, breads, cookies), there is a great release of sugars (glucose) in our blood. However, our blood sugar level must not exceed a certain threshold beyond which we run major risks.

The hormone responsible for regulating the level of glucose in the blood is insulin. It is secreted by the pancreas and responsible for storing excess sugar.

It has 2 solutions for this:

1-For a sedentary person, this sugar will be transformed into fatty acid from which the body will manufacture triglycerides which will supply our adipose tissues: this is lipogenesis (fat gain)

2-For an active person who practices regular physical activity, another interesting phenomenon takes place: the insulin will cause a storage of sugars not in adipose tissue but in the muscles!

The solutions to lose fat permanently:

1-Boost your emunctories

The functioning of our emunctories can be greatly favored by taking medicinal plants or specific natural products but will never replace a change in the bases of our hygienic-dietetic habits.

To boost our emunctories, it is not necessarily necessary to spend your money on all these products, it is enough to return to a physiological diet, rich in fresh plant products. A diet free of toxic products but also and above all a physically active life.
This is the key to good emotional functioning that will make you lose fat beyond all your expectations.

2-Eat alive

3-Avoid major poisons in your diet

4-Physical activity