Star Citizen single-player campaign developers create realistic bed linen warp system

Nearly a decade after Star Citizen’s development began, and years after Squadron 42’s single-player campaign began, the Cloud Imperium Games team is hard at work creating a realistic bedding warp system.

In a recent dev diary, the studio discussed the topic of the sleep cycle that NPCs will use to evolve out of their daily routine. This system is nothing new, it’s found in both Skyrim-scale games and indies like Stardew Valley, where NPCs go to bed at the end of the day.

When Squadron 42 does reach release, the sleepy NPCs will head off to their cabins and apartments. But when the time comes to wake up and set off to conquer a new day, there will be traces of sleep on the beds.

We knew from an early age that in order to achieve the desired level of detail, we would need to develop a bed linen warp technology. The work is already in progress, and if all goes well, it will allow the AI ​​to deform blankets and sheets as they get in, out, and sleep on the bed. This is a complex task and greatly expands the complexity of the feature. For example, what happens if the AI ​​needs to leave the bed urgently?

It might be really interesting for some to work on bed simulation in Star Citizen, but many in the community agree that such a system is optional for the game. Some gamers even angrily say that the studio first released the game, and then they would think about the deformation of the underwear.

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