Electric cars are coming down the road. Volvo recently announced that it will sell only electric cars beginning in 2030. In a move that will have even a greater impact on the automotive industry, massive General Motors has committed to going all-electric by 2035. And 2035 is also the target date by which California -- the state that practically defines American car culture -- will require all new passenger vehicles sold within its borders to be electric.     Powered by motors drawing power from rechargeable batteries, electric cars produce no exhaust emissions. They're also quieter than conventional cars -- so quiet, in fact, that they can pose a danger to pedestrians, especially those with limited eyesight. (Some manufacturers are beginning to build in systems producing artificial noise to deal with this issue.)    Vehicles run on electricity have lower maintenance costs, too, and while recharging them, whether at home or at a public charging station, isn't free, their

Viral posts: “Manufacturing the battery for one electric car produces the same amount of carbon dioxide as running a petrol car for eight years.”

PolitiFact’s ruling: Mostly False

Here’s why: Electric vehicles are touted as an environmentally friendly alternative to gas-powered cars, but one Facebook post claims that the benefits are overblown, and the vehicles are much more harmful to the planet than people assume.

A cartoon posted to Facebook on April 29, shows a car in one panel with “diesel” written on the side and the driver thinking “I feel so dirty.” In another panel, a car has “electric” written on its side with the driver thinking “I feel so clean.”

However, the electric vehicle is shown connected to what appears to be a factory that’s blowing dark smoke into the air.


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