Unlike the other tools on this list that require gas or electricity, this manual hedge trimmer is powered solely by you. While it’s definitely more labor-intensive to trim your hedges by hand, Marmaduke says some people find it a “relaxing way to connect to their yard and feel like they are a sculptor and less of a gardener.” This particular set of hedge shears has plenty of features to maximize comfort, like shock-absorbing bumpers and nonslip grips on the handles. Not only does it have telescopic handles (that go from 25 to 33 inches in length), but it also has an adjustable tension knob so you can easily control the blades. “I never knew hedge clippers could be this good,” said one customer. “They’d be wonderful even without the extendable handles, but those save me an armful of scratches on my sharp-leaved hedges.”

Buy It: Tabor Tools Telescopic Hedge Shears, $37 (originally $46), Amazon


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