Solar, wind have problems. Nuclear is the answer

May 10, 2021 By identybeauty 0


Ralph Courtnay

I’ve been convinced by the many extreme examples of rising temperatures (e.g., melting glaciers in Alaska, Greenland and Antarctica and the huge western forest fires) that the earth’s temperature rise is not a normal fluctuation, we are causing it, and we must take action. At least I do not want to take the chance that climate change is occurring and we take no action. 

Although burning fossil fuels to generate electricity is only one of many significant greenhouse gas emitters, it is imperative to reduce carbon dioxide emission that electrical generation stop burning fossil fuels. However, solar and wind electrical generation are not the answers, even though they are generally the only non-fossil fuel burning methods mentioned.

It is recognized that solar and wind take up a lot of space, but it is not understood they take up too much space. Photovoltaic solar is too inefficient to work at grid level. Too much space is required to generate the kind of electricity we need. In the study I did several years ago, I concluded about half of all the land in Nevada would be required to generate just the electricity we currently (no pun intended) use in the U.S., and in a later similar, but independent, study done by my son, he concluded a space as big as the Great Lakes plus the size of Lake Superior would be required. These calculations do include an estimate of the electricity required to electrify cars but do not include electrifying processes like manufacturing.


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