Every time you put the nozzle into the fuel tank of your automobile, more than fuel flows when you press the handle.

The squeeze also pumps tax dollars into local, state and federal governments for transportation projects.

Florida has one of the highest overall gas tax rates in the nation. In addition to the federal government’s tax of 18.4 cents per gallon, the state of Florida has another 26.5 cents per gallon controlled by state law. Finally, local governments can add up to 12 cents for a grand total of 56.9 cents in taxes for each gallon.

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The city of Jacksonville uses half of the 12 cents it can levy with the local option gas tax. A proposal to double that tax from 6 cents per gallon to 12 cents has put the gas tax in the spotlight at City Hall where City Council will vote in the coming weeks on the Jobs for Jax program of $930 million in transportation projects submitted by Mayor Lenny Curry and the Jacksonville Transportation Authority.


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