Panasonic to produce renewable electricity with pure hydrogen fuel cell generators; unveils plans RE100 factory with full-scale use of hydrogen

Panasonic wants to use an in-house power generation system that combines pure hydrogen fuel cell generators and photovoltaic generators to produce 100% renewable electricity.

The electronics company today (May 24) unveiled its plans which are believed to be the world’s first attempt to create an “RE100 factory” through the full-scale use of hydrogen.

Deployment of the RE100 system is aligned with Panasonic’s environmental, social and governance goals which are essential for sustainable corporate growth.

To demonstrate the solution, Panasonic will build a large facility at its Kusatsu site in Shiga Prefecture, equipped with an in-house power generation system that combines pure hydrogen fuel cell generators and photovoltaic generators, as well as lithium-ion storage batteries for storing surplus power.

The power generated with this system supplies the entire power used in manufacturing departments of the fuel cell factory located within the Kusatsu site.

In parallel, Panasonic will develop and verify technologies related to the optimal power supply and demand management based on integrated control of the power generators and the storage battery system.

By doing the above, Panasonic hopes to solve the problem with photovoltaic power generation, which requires a large installation area and is susceptible to weather conditions, resulting in unstable power generation.

Further to that, the demonstrate will allow Panasonic to accumulate know-how and establish a track record in energy management, including the operation of pure hydrogen fuel cell generators, and aim to commercialise the RE100 solution.

Panasonic developed the pure hydrogen fuel cell generator used in the demonstration by leveraging the technologies developed for the ENE-FARM household fuel cell cogeneration system.

A hydrogen society: An interview with Panasonic, Part 1

Panasonic has been researching hydrogen energy technology for more than 20 years. In 2009, the company made household fuel cells – a product that uses hydrogen extracted from natural gas to make electricity and hot water in homes – commercially available in the Japanese market. Today this increasingly popular application is used in many homes and facilities.

This is just one of several initiatives Panasonic is working on to realise a hydrogen society in which hydrogen can be produced, stored and utilised easily in homes. To find out more about this vision, H2 View sat down with Junichi Suzuki, Chairman and CEO of Panasonic Europe, and Max Fujita, Head of European Fuel Cells at Panasonic.

Read the interview here.


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