The federal government has released an interim plan ahead of next week’s budget which will include nearly $60 million in funding to fire up the nation’s proposed gas-lead recovery.

“Unlocking additional supply is key to driving down prices for all Australian gas users,” the Interim National Gas Infrastructure Plan read.

Speaking to Sky News, Energy Minister Angus Taylor said a post-pandemic gas-lead recovery was “absolutely happening” and the effects could already be seen on the cost of gas.

“That’s helping to bring down the price of electricity,” he said.

“The announcement today is all about over $58 million to accelerate that supply into the market to get gas to customers and to make sure customers are in the position to get a good deal.

“This is a reasonably modest investment for very significant gains … just over $58 million to close that gap that we see emerging in the southern states, get more gas out into the market to encourage customers.

“What we know is if you have more affordable gas, it’s good for consumers, people who buy gas know that, it’s good for manufacturing, 900,000 jobs in this country on the back of manufacturing.

“It’s good for electricity prices because gas very often sets the price of electricity.

“We have been seeing it and we want to see more of it.”


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