Much has been reported on the causes of the February power outages. What we know for sure is that more than 4 million Texans were without power and left in the cold. The storm disrupted lives and caused $200 billion in damages, and nearly 200 of our fellow Texans died. There were no winners, only losers.

Some natural gas companies have reported making billions in profits from the storm. But before and during the storm, natural gas production fell by half, gas suppliers canceled contracted deliveries to customers, critical gas equipment failed, pressures on pipelines dropped — and gas prices skyrocketed.

Now, that same industry is trying to stop Texas lawmakers from requiring measures to bolster its infrastructure and prevent another energy crisis. You see, gas companies benefit from the dysfunction of their own system.

The Texas Legislature needs to act now on common-sense solutions that will address the energy issues experienced during Winter Storm Uri.

The main cause of the power outages was a failure of the integrated natural gas and power systems.


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