Flogas has announced an increase in its residential natural gas and electricity prices from June 26.

Due to what it called significant and continuing increases in wholesale energy costs in recent months, Flogas said it will increase its standard natural gas rate and standing charge by 8.9%.

But it said that due to a 10% price cut implemented last October, followed by an increase in March 2021, the net impact is a 4.4% increase on last year’s prices.

It also announced a 12.5% price increase to its standard electricity unit rates and standing charges.

The increases will mean a €1.49 weekly increase (including VAT) for natural gas customers and a €2.93 hike a week for electricity customers (including VAT).

Paul Kenny, general manager of Flogas Energy, said it is unfortunate that the company has to make further increases in prices this year, but said they are necessary due to the rising wholesale costs that have affected all suppliers.

“We are keeping our prices as competitive as possible for our customers and will be continually reviewing as the market changes, but it is difficult to forecast any significant improvements in the medium term,” he added.


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