E-Transit order books officially open in July, but Ford just unlocked its website for customers to raise their hands to express interest in learning about the van. Over 450 commercial customers in North America, including 200 top fleets and fleet management companies, have already reached out for more information to purchase one. Ford believes 70% of the full-size bus and van businesses will be all-electric by 2030, representing 300,000 vehicles annually.

“We’ve had so much interest early on, we wanted to open this registration site to serve customers with a build mix for their needs across all van body styles,” says Ted Cannis, general manager, North American commercial business. “Some customers want high-roof vans to maximize internal cargo space, while others need to install bodies on cutaways and chassis cabs. Customers will have an all-electric solution – from box truck delivery to parking structure-friendly utility service vans and everything in between.”


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