Experts Explain Why You Shouldn’t Charge Your Phone All Night

Experts do not recommend leaving mobile devices connected to power adapters overnight. The fact is that the systematic leaving of the gadget on charge at night negatively affects its performance.

How to properly charge your smartphone
In accordance with the recommendations of specialized experts, it is undesirable to allow the charge to decrease to a level of less than 30%. Thus, it is necessary to try to avoid situations when the smartphone battery is discharged to 0%.

It is also not recommended to charge the battery up to 100%, since in this case the process of its degradation will noticeably accelerate. If the smartphone is connected to the adapter throughout the night, then its battery will definitely charge up to 100%. Thus, the recommendation of the experts will be violated. If you constantly discharge the battery to zero, then the operating time of your smartphone on a single charge will be significantly reduced. The best option is to maintain the charge level of the battery pack within 30-80%.

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