During the day, Russian troops inflicted 1 artillery strike on Kharkov

“The Russian occupation troops delivered 1 artillery strike on Kharkov. Sokolniki district suffered. As a result of the shelling by the invaders of the Kharkov region (Russian Tishki, Tsirkuny, the village of Mikhailovka, Ray-Elenovka) – 4 people were injured, 1 person died in Tsirkuny. During the day, active shelling continued in Bogodukhov and the area – 3 wounded, 2 dead. On the evening of May 8, shelling by the occupiers was recorded in the Lozovskaya and Zolochiv communities – 2 wounded, ”the head of the HOVA, Oleg Sinegubov, cited the data.

Thus, during the day in the Kharkiv region, Russian invaders killed three people, another 9 were injured.

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Sinegubov also said that fighting continues in the Izyum region, although the Russian troops are not conducting active offensive operations – they are mainly regrouping and trying to hold their positions.

“Our Armed Forces of Ukraine in their positions do not allow the advance of the enemy and are gradually conducting counter-offensive actions,” Sinegubov said.

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