Bulgaria threatens to block EU oil sanctions against Russia

The country wants the European Union to agree to exceptional terms for buying Russian oil for it.

Bulgaria has threatened to block a new package of European Union sanctions against Russia unless an exception is made for buying Russian oil.

This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister of Bulgaria Assen Vasiliev on Sunday, informs
On Sunday, EU governments moved closer to agreeing tough sanctions against Russia over its invasion of Ukraine. At the same time, additional talks will be held today to develop ways to provide oil to the countries most dependent on the Russian Federation.

“Negotiations will continue tomorrow, Tuesday also, and a meeting of leaders may be required to complete them. Our position is very clear. If there is an exception for some countries, we also want to get it … If not, we will not support sanctions. But I do not wait, what will come to this, based on the ongoing negotiations,” Vasilyev said.

Landlocked Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, which are heavily dependent on Russian oil delivered through Soviet-era pipelines, have struggled to secure alternative sources and are asking for the oil embargo to be lifted for them. Bulgaria also demands that an exception be made for it.

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