7 Herbaceous Perfumes Which Smell Like Rain-Soaked Forests

7 Herbaceous Perfumes Which Smell Like Rain-Soaked Forests

Looking for a fresh, cool, green and watery perfume to match the rainy monsoon? These leafy, aquatic scents bloom beautifully in humid weather, so you end up feeling in tune with raindrop-soaked leaves and flowers you see in this season. The perfumes we’ve listed below  are delightfully natural, herbaceous and calming.

1. Matin from Moi by Nykaa

7 Herbaceous Perfumes Which Smell Like Rain-Soaked Forests

Rs 1,800 for 100 ml of EDP

This perfume is for those who don’t like powdery florals on their own, and would like them to be more green, leafy and natural. It has the cool sweetness of rose and the sparkling brightness of bergamot with a slight hint of magnolia, but the most intense notes are woody, musky and green. You feel like you’re in a rose garden, cutting lemons and smelling the wet earth after it has rained.

Of course, it is a bit powdery and soapy, but that gives it a sophisticated, perfume-y smell, and it makes the scent more graceful and pleasant than a screeching, sharp blend of essential oils.

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2. Fijian Water Lotus from The Body Shop

7 Herbaceous Perfumes Which Smell Like Rain-Soaked Forests

Rs 1,045 for 100 ml of mist

Quite similar to Davidoff Cool Water For Women, this smells like roses and water, but not rosewater per se. There’s a cold, sweet, almost powdery freshness to it which, backed by hints of citrusy notes of orange peel, makes for a great daily-wear scent for sensitive noses.

It’s so fresh and icy that you feel like you’re in a cool lake full of crushed rose petals. Unlike salty and sour marine scents, this is watery in a different, sweet, cool way, so it makes for a good skin-scent or a product to layer atop richer, headier perfume oils.

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3. Waterlily Tea Dress from Zara

7 Herbaceous Perfumes Which Smell Like Rain-Soaked Forests

Rs 1,590 for 40 ml of EDP

A herbaceous mix of citrus and mint, this is from a collection Jo Malone did with Zara, so it has those signature cologne-y elements you associate with Jo Malone scents. This one smells like a mojito with white floral notes.

What’s interesting is that the notes of flowers smell really grassy and lemon-y, like fresh-cut flowers and a refreshing talc, not like the perfume-y version of a flower, which makes for a beautiful experience for those who love smelling like real flowers in a garden. The bergamot gives a lovely zest to it, while the white florals help it smell velvety, and the mint gives a bitter, zingy, earthy, green spiciness.

All the notes are blended so well together that you get the best of each note without being able to tell them apart as distinct elements.

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4. Rain Flower and Jasmine from Paul Penders

7 Herbaceous Perfumes Which Smell Like Rain-Soaked Forests

Rs 1,800 for 30 ml of EDP

This scent straight-up smells like rain-soaked, wet leaves mixed with jasmine essential oil. It’s so grassy and herbaceous that you’d think it would turn bitter after a point, but it actually ends up remaining a musky, aromatic mix of white florals and aquatic notes.

You can smell a bit of mint that enhances the herb-like green notes of the jasmine, and some lavender and mandarin give it a sparkling, sharp zing.

This makes it quite strong as a scent. What is also impressive is that despite smelling so green and watery, it is not a weak scent. Those looking for an organic, plant-based scent without chemicals should try this.

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5. Top Of The World from Isak

7 Herbaceous Perfumes Which Smell Like Rain-Soaked Forests

Rs 3,200 for 50 ml of EDP

When you first spray this, it smells like a men’s cologne that your dad might have used. Then it evolves into a herbaceous, green, fruity skin-scent. The freshness of lemons and melons gives it a watery coolness minus the cloying sweetness or metallic sourness associated with those notes.

The notes of musk, cinnamon and rosemary make it smell cool, woody, green and earthy. So, it doesn’t smell like a bitter green but a wearable, powdery, almost sweet and bright green scent. The longevity is also pretty good, so you get your money’s worth.

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6. Atkinsons 24 Old Bond Street Triple Extract

7 Herbaceous Perfumes Which Smell Like Rain-Soaked Forests

Rs 12,000 for 100 ml of Eau De Cologne Concentrée

Sometimes you smell a perfume and you can absolutely tell it is expensive, luxurious and sophisticated without even looking at the price tag. This is one of those. It makes you feel like you’re walking through the hills of Scotland on a cool, misty day, with sweet wildflowers and fragrant herbs growing around you, while you sip some citrusy black tea.

There’s a definite woodsy, grassy, musky undertone to this unisex scent, but it also has a slight rosy touch, paired with the smell of tea and sweet cardamom. So, it’s a very well-blended, sophisticated perfume you’d expect to smell on an older British person in a crisp white shirt and a tweed coat.

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7. Le Jardin De Monsieur Li from Hermes

7 Herbaceous Perfumes Which Smell Like Rain-Soaked Forests

Rs 7,200 for 50 ml of EDT

This is a mellow citrusy-floral which translates into a fresh, green, clean, soapy scent not unlike that of Elizabeth Arden’s 5th Avenue and Tom Ford’s Neroli Portofino. It smells quite unisex and almost cologne-like despite having hints of jasmine, because it has a woody, smoky depth that offsets the sour brightness of the citrus.

Still, since it’s primarily a citrus scent with a touch of indolic white florals, it develops poorly on certain skin types, so try it before buying it to see how it meshes with your body chemistry. Since it is rather lightweight, remember that if you moisturise well and then use it, it will bloom better.

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