7 beauty tips to learn from Spanish women

7 beauty tips to learn from Spanish women

Spanish beauty regimen consists mostly of natural techniques and ingredients to highlight the natural features of the skin that you already have. Whether it’s their face or their hair, Spanish women try to keep the use of cosmetics to a minimum and go for a natural look. This is what distinguishes the Spanish women’s beauty regimen from any other place. Spanish women learn to embrace their natural features and are proud of it. Instead of altering their natural looks, they focus on taking care of their skin and therefore, use as many natural ingredients as they can.
Here are some of the techniques we collected from Spanish beauty blog to get the natural, minimalistic look they are so popular for:

1. They take care of their skin

Spanish women are famous for having glowing skin. If you want to achieve the same level of glow they have, you need to follow a proper skincare routine that involves regular massages and moisturizing. The massages help them relax, which helps them get clear skin, and the moisturizer keeps their skin soft. Spanish women spend a lot of time outdoors. To protect their skin from the sun’s harmful rays, they apply plenty of sunscreens.

2. They apply a thin layer of eyeliner

Spanish women are often admired for their beautiful eyes. So, here’s the secret: Apply a thin layer of eyeliner, it highlights the eyes and gives your makeup a finished look. Whereas women from elsewhere often apply a thick layer of eyeliner. This thick layer conceals the beauty of the eyes. Thus, the next time you wish to showcase the beautiful bug eyes with the lashes flattering, make sure you apply a thin layer of eyeliner.

3. They drink plenty of water

We are all aware of the long list of health benefits; water has to offer. Among these, there are several benefits for the skin as well. All skincare experts around the globe recommend one thing in tandem, i.e., drink lots of water. Exactly what Spanish women do. Their natural glowing skin can undoubtedly be attributed to this habit.

4. They use natural sea salt for cleansing their skin

As with a lot of other things, Spanish women prefer to use natural ingredients when it comes to taking care of their skin. Thus, for cleaning their skin, they look no farther than the readily available seawater which is rich in salt. The sea salt acts as a natural cleanser while also smoothening the skin.

5. Using olive oil for their skin

Olive oil, in basic understanding, is an ingredient we all use in the kitchen. But, did you know that Spain was the first exporter of olive oil in the world? Along with adding it to their food to make it delicious, Spanish women have also discovered its benefits for the skin. Olive oil is a common ingredient they use for massages as it makes the skin look healthy and smooth. The next time you go grocery shopping, remember to purchase an extra bottle of olive oil for massages!

6. Highlighting their natural look

One thing the Spanish women never lack is self-confidence. They love their skin and embrace just as it is. You will never sport any Spanish woman with extra makeup on their faces. Every time they apply powders or foundations, they keep it to a bare minimum and make sure that the shades match their natural skin tone. They apply the foundation to highlight their natural skin tone rather than try to alter it.

7. They don’t use products on their hair

As we mentioned earlier, Spanish women love to keep it natural when it comes to their beauty regime. And that includes their hair also. Instead of using dozens of products to set their hair, they let them flow naturally. They avoid using straighteners and curlers to prevent damage from heat, and that is why their hair has that natural, lustrous look.
A significant part of the Spanish skincare regimen is confident in your natural skin and hair. Apart from that, use these natural tricks, and your skin will glow like never before!

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