11 Genius Tips We Learned From Celebrity Beauty Routines

11 Genius Tips We Learned From Celebrity Beauty Routines

While I love watching my favorite comfort TV show (Gilmore Girls, of course) to wind down, I often resort to YouTube videos—beauty videos specifically. Despite growing up watching tutorials by all kinds of makeup gurus, celebrity videos are what catch my eye. From Vogue‘s Beauty Secrets to stars uploading on their own channels, I’m always curious to know the ins and outs of their makeup routines. Considering they spend a great amount of time in the makeup chair with the most talented artists in front of them, it’s natural that they’d take in a plethora of tips along the way.

While I may have the time to sit through beauty routines for hours (I have a life, I swear!), I understand that not everyone can make time for it in their day. To give insight into what I’ve learned from different celebrities, I listed each tip I’ve put into my routine and the celebrity who taught it to me. I’ve used almost all of these in my routine, so I can confirm they’re good. I even linked the products they used so that you can shop and try them out for yourself.

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