10 beauty and wellness tricks

10 beauty and wellness tricks you can learn from Aditi Rao Hydari’s Instagram

10 beauty and wellness tricks you can learn from Aditi Rao Hydari's Instagram

10 beauty and wellness tricks you can learn from Aditi Rao Hydari’s Instagram

Aditi Rao Hydari is known for her “peaches-and-cream skin”, that she attributes to her grandmother, and her tousled strands—a result of an indulgent skincare and haircare routine. The actor loves sharing selfies, real beauty moments and photoshoots on her social media, and here are our favourite ones.

1) Prioritising your skincare routine is important

“Going au naturel most of the time has definitely worked for me,” shared Hydari back in 2017. The actor likes to use natural products that she can whip up in her own kitchen. “I basically listen to my skin according to the weather and my schedule and put my kitchen on my face. So from fresh aloe to milk, oats to gram flour, tomatoes and papaya; if I’m home and I remember, you’ll find it on my face,” she shared.

Even when it comes to bottled skincare, Hydari prefers lightweight, gel-based products that feel comfortable on the skin. Another important tip? Giving your skin what it wants. “I prefer washing my face with a soap-free face wash or chickpea powder with milk on days my skin feels dry and nourishing yoghurt on days it’s oily.”


2) Never skip sunscreen

She likes using clean, natural ingredients and sunscreen (especially chemical-based ones) are not her favourite, but she knows the importance of it so she applies it whenever she is out shooting or in direct sun. “I’m trying to use sunblock more often, I feel it’s got too many chemicals but I know it’s necessary so I’m trying to make it a habit,” she shared. Physical sunblocks are a safe alternative.

3) Always have a go-to if you have a skin emergency

Whether she has a bug bite, zit or rash, Hydari keeps a tube of her favourite skincare product close by. Her pick is Kailas Jeevan, which is a multipurpose Indian ointment which is easily available at drugstores. “I have it in every bag and every drawer, and swear by its miraculous healing powers,” she shared.

4) Eating skin-friendly foods can help with an inside-out glow

While a good skincare routine can go far, eating antioxidant and fatty acid-rich foods can really ensure a bright, glowing complexion. “I eat a lot of ghee, to the point of shocking people! I also eat a lot of berries and greens, and I eat rice; rice is good for the skin,” she shared. Ghee is chock-full of essential fatty acids that induce hydration in the skin cells, and berries are anti-inflammatory with free radical fighting properties. “Basically, I eat what makes me happy—happy girls are the prettiest.”

5) Care for your hair like you do your skin

Just like she puts an effort into taking care of her skin, Hydari takes that same belief to her strands. She likes to massage a mask by Morrocanoil into her hair straight after a wash, and then let it air-dry. “I then hand-twist my hair in a knot—when I untie it I get the tousled texture that I love,” she shared. Oil massages, whether they’re at home with coconut oil or as a part of a salon treatment are another favourite. “It must be my South Indian genes,” she confirmed.

6) Embrace hair accessories

When her hair isn’t in her usual loose waves, Hydari puts them into ponytails or easy updos. She likes wearing barrettes, colourful scrunchies and embellished headbands to keep the hair out of her face while giving her a polished look.

7) Try a completely out-of-the-box workout style

“Kicking those blues away while trying to not fall flat on my face #KalariPractice #QuarantineDiaries,” shared Hydari in a recent post. Kalaripayattu is a South Indian martial arts practice that not only increases your body strength, but also helps to improve flexibility, posture and muscle tone.

8) Add workouts to your daily routine—wherever you are

Even if she’s travelling or on a shoot, Hydari makes sure to add in a workout to her schedule. Her routine includes “30 minutes of circuit training thrice a week and yoga on alternate days.” Even when she isn’t able to be regular, she fits in “a 10-minute routine at least.” As for accessories, the actor makes sure that her Thera Band and yoga mat are always with her. Even if it’s a quick routine, making sure to keep moving improves the metabolic rate and bolsters muscle health.

9) Bold brows are a game-changer

Like everyone in the ’90s, Hydari also over-tweezed her eyebrows in her childhood. “Plucking my eyebrows when I was younger despite my mum advising me not to,” is what she considers her biggest beauty blunder. But the actor has been able to re-grow her brows again, and she now has thick, brushed up arches that frame her face. An eyebrow kit is also always on hand, and she fills in any sparse spots with that.

10) Having a signature beauty look you love can get you out of the door faster

“I have no idea what’s trending; I just do what works. I don’t like overdone styles in makeup, hair or dressing… for me it’s important to be effortless, however dressed up I may actually be,” is Hydari’s major philosophy. When it comes to her makeup, you can predict what you’ll see—”I like to keep my eyes clean, just some light mascara, sometimes not even that, flushed cheeks, highlighter and bold lips.”

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