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The fact that travel and tourism are extremely interesting, informative and exciting activities is well known to everyone, moreover, for many modern people, travel is a real hobby! However, there are also such interesting facts that are not known to everyone! Do you know, for example, how many percent of vacation impressions can be reduced by just one hour of work on a laptop, or how Paris affects the health of Japanese citizens and why exactly this happens? Don’t you know? So it’s time to find out!

Positive health effects

It has been found that the fair sex, vacationing at least twice a year, the risk of a heart attack invariably turns out to be significantly lower than those ladies who allow themselves to travel once every six years or even less often. And such women are much less likely to face depression! As for men, if they do not take a vacation at least once a year, their risk of developing various heart ailments increases by 30%, and the risk of death increases by 20% compared to their more often vacationing companions.

It has also been proven that travel is an excellent assistant in reducing stress levels, in addition, they are able to increase a person’s creativity and significantly improve problem-solving skills. As it turned out, new images, languages, tastes, smells and sounds contribute to neuroplasticity and the creation of new synapses in the brain!

The detrimental effect of Paris on the health of the Japanese

If traveling in general is very good for health, then it’s better for the Japanese not to fly to Paris anyway – after visiting the French capital, the vast majority of Japanese citizens are diagnosed with not only stress, but also some mental disorders! This is due to the excessive idealization of France in the Japanese press. In addition, for the Japanese there is a very noticeable huge difference in behavior and communication!

The influence of genetics

It is noteworthy that a person’s desire to travel can easily be genetic – such a desire is often associated with the presence of a so-called “travel passion gene” in a person. This gene is associated with the level of dopamine contained in the brain, as well as with an increased level of anxiety and curiosity!

Strengthening relationships

Couples who regularly travel together almost always have a much stronger relationship than all other couples. Scientists have repeatedly managed to prove that people always come closer together naturally when they have to trust each other and count on each other in a variety of new circumstances and situations.

The harm of a laptop for vacation

People working on their laptops on vacation, as well as reading their e-mail daily and trying to answer all the letters they receive without exception, remember their vacation much less than those lucky people who prefer to leave their laptops at home. It has been found that a single hour of work on a laptop can leave 43% less impressions about the rest!

The hardships of guides and locals of the Parthenon

In the Parthenon, both locals and tourist guides are engaged at night in scattering marble stones of various sizes around the neighborhood. This is due to the huge numbers of foreign tourists who are quite capable of eventually completely disassembling one of the world’s most famous historical attractions for souvenirs! So let them pick up the supposedly broken stones!

Hotels made of salt blocks

You can visit such hotels and even live in them thanks to the dried-up Lake Uyuni located on the territory of Bolivia. At the same time, it should be noted that not only the walls are made of salt in these extremely unusual hotels, but also some decorative items, and even furniture! But those who want to taste the hotel are categorically not recommended to do this, since such a desire can eventually lead to the destruction of the walls!

Illegal border crossing is also possible!

Such an unusual entertainment is offered to visitors of the amusement park called Ecoalberto. It is here that tourists can fully experience all the delights of the process of illegal border crossing! And to do this, each of them will have to overcome as many as twelve kilometers of a wide variety of imaginary obstacles using impassable places, barbed wire and other attributes corresponding to this topic. There will even be areas where you will have to run away from the patrolmen, who, by the way, can shoot!

A trip to the real hell

And those who want to visit the real hell, it makes sense to try to go to Turkmenistan – on the territory of this state there is a constantly burning crater with a diameter of about seventy meters, which has not stopped burning for forty years!

Adolf Hitler and the development of tourism

Few people know about this, but Adolf Hitler was really seriously concerned about the development of tourism! And, no matter how strange it may seem, but he was the initiator of creating the most comfortable vacations! Hitler claimed that only well-rested people are able to work more productively! And, in principle, he is right!

Several dozen planes that disappeared without a trace

It is a mistake to believe that among the missing planes there is only one notorious Malaysian Boeing – in fact, in the period from 1948 to 2014, as many as eighty-five aircraft disappeared without a trace in the world!

The largest number of planes in the air at the same time

As a rule, the peak passenger traffic usually falls on the period from 14:00 to 16:00 in July or in August – it is at this time that more than

sixteen thousand planes!

The most expensive type of tourism

Such as at the moment is space tourism – the very first such trip cost the very first space tourist twenty million dollars!

Shortest passenger flight

You can fly such a flight in Scotland, on the Orkney Islands, between Westray and Papa Westray, separated from each other by only 1.7 miles of land and sea. The duration of the flight from one point to another will be only 47 seconds!

Longest passenger flight

And the longest flight in the world is considered to be operated from Saudi Arabia (from Jeddah) to California (to Los Angeles) – in this case, you will have to fly for seventeen hours!


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